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The girl born on 22nd May, 1978 is better known as Katie Price Jordan is the girl of our story today. She is glamour model, magazine columnist, writer, television personality and woman of the big business. She is girl showing her life and loving to stay on celebrity-based magazines and on the first pages of the best known newspapers. That is why Katie Price is scandalous, beautiful and hot. This is girl with long story and great life.
The real name of Katie Price is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, and we all know her as the girl of Jordan. Her carrer, as I said is based on modeling, and posing for the all medias you may know. And it is easy to do such thing with body and beauty like Katie Price. But behind this body there are some plastic operations and many dreams for the lights of the scene. And Katie Price became a lot of famous quickly and during the June 7, 2001, Katie Price ran as a candidate in Stretford and Urmston. And this brought a lot of fun and celebrity to the elections and the campaing was using the slogan: 'For a Bigger and Betta Future'. The promises, which the girl gave to the electors were increases on nudist beaches, and a ban on parking tickets. And the result was great 713 votes for her, which was 1.8% from the cast of the vote.
The most important part of Katie Price PR is the televiion personality and her presentations in from of the magazines and newspapers. In an attempt to go away from modeling, Katie Price - Jordan auditioned for a part on the TV series Baywatch in 1998, guest presented The Big Breakfast and played herself in an episode of Dream Team. This was the presentation of the famous girl and very good known one. She also began in 2004 to present herself in the reality TV series "I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here!". There the girl is playing herself in some TV show, where she is falling with John Lydon and flirting in the jungle with singer Peter Andre and she eventually married to him. Also many other small trials and videos from real shows were part of Katie Price television career.
With her name Katie Price the beautiful and hot girl she was competing for the right to present England at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, for the finals in Ukraine. On the 5th March 2005 she realized her song "Not Just Anybody", and qualified on the second place in public vote. The music career of Katie Price is mostly in connection with Peter Andre, and the duet promo0ted their first album on 27 November 2006 titled A Whole New World. The album debuted at 20th placein the United Kingdom chart for albums.
In the spirit of "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" were writen the first books of Katie Price. They are dedicated to the life of the model Katie price, and are called: "Being Jordan", "A Whole New World" and novels "Angel" and "Crystal". The first two books are biographies of Katie Price and very good stories of the girl, and second two are novels of the hot model, dedicated to her fntasies and her mind. The all numbers of novels, which Katie Price published are four and she sold more than 1 millions copies from all of the books. this is a great even for the best writers of the world, and what about one hot and sexy girl like Katie Price - Jordan.
This is in short words information about Katie Price and her life. I'm sure that you likes the girl and I'm sure that you will like the woman too.

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